Daredevil Staff Elektra Kick Power

p e d i g r e e

Ch.Royal Courts
Tipit Z Calvin

Ch.Royal Court
Winning Colors

Ch.Fraja EC Gold Standard

Ch.Fraja EC Golden Boy

Ch.Fraja EC Riders Solid Gold

Ch.Royal Court Bold And Beautiful

Ch.White Rock's Lone Star Dallas
Ch.Do KS Dessigning Woman

Ch.Royal CT's
Mad About You

Ch.White Rock's Lone Star Dallas

Ch.White Rock's Gem Dandy
Ch.White Rock Rowdy Angel

Ch.Royal Courts HMS Dreadnought

Ch.Finwar's Mr Hollywood
Ch.Rainbo Honey Bee

Ch.Backwoods Babushka

Sundance Kid

Ch.Backwoods Long Run

Ch.Red Essex Texas Tex
Schaller`s Pecan`s Toad-Spit

Elite Ring of Backwoods Cry Baby

Ch.Barberycoast The Alchemist
Ch.Hillary Kira of Tower

Ch.Queen`s Royal Person

Ch.Sindelar`s Shane

Ch.Sindelar`s Gentleman Jim
Ch.Sindelar's Bearfoot Countess

Ach`s Red Sonja

Barberycoast Geronimo
Ch.Britta of Yellow Fire

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